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Carpathians tours

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Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine are popular travel destination among tourists

They are located in the Southern-Western part of Ukraine. Carpathian Mountains are covered with a beautiful pine forests, crossed by many mountain rivers and streams and have so many spectacular waterfalls and view points! The most popular and the most picturesque lake in Carpathian Mountains is Sinevir. Another famous lake is Nesamovite. It is the highest Mountain lake in Ukraine. The highest point of Ukrainian Carpathians is Mountain Hoverla, which is 2061 meters high. Tourists who reach the top of Hoverla enjoy a really breathtaking view of the surrounding peaks and valleys. Carpathians tourcats

Carpathian tourism has two main seasons

The very high season is from the end of December till the beginning of March. During this season almost all the tourists come to Carpathian Mountains for skiing and snowboarding. The main winter sports resorts are Bukovel, Dragobrat and Slavske, but many tourists prefer to spend just daytime there and stay for overnight in such cozy towns like Yaremche, Tatariv, Yasna, etc. One of the main reasons to stay at such places is a big quantity of good and cheap hotels, which is usually much cheaper then in the main mountain resorts. The second high season in Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine is summer, which starts in May and last till the beginning of October. During this season most of the tourists come there for mountain hiking, fishing, horse riding and other summertime activities. One of the best places to stay during this season is Vorokhta, which is the closest town to the starting point for hiking to Hoverla Mountain. Carpathian cuisine is very tasty and one of the most popular in Ukraine. The most famous dish is banosh, which is usually served with mushrooms, cheese or salo. Another delicious dish is dumplings with bilberry.

Carpathian nature tours

Our company has many tours to Carpathians that will help you to spend your Carpathian holidays interesting and unforgettable.