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Eastern Europe Tours tours

Let’s go for an Eastern Europe trip together and reveal all the secrets of this amazing region.

Eastern Europe is a great destination for tourists who always hungry for adventure and look for new impressions. This ethnically diverse and culturally rich region sure to surprise even the most experienced tourist.

In 2019, Green Tour travel agency invites you to explore Eastern Europe region and to get new insights about this ancient and beautiful land. For comfortable and easy travel, you only need to take a package tour and don’t have to care about transport, hotels, tickets, and activities. The agency provides travelers with a full range of high-quality tourist services, such as transfers and transportation along the route, hotel booking, admission tickets, etc. Tourists can opt for individual or group tour. It’s possible to book Eastern Europe tours from the USA, Canada, Australia, and, of course, from Europe or any other country.

During the entire trip, travelers are accompanied by an English-speaking guide who escorted tourists to different destinations and responsible for all services from the beginning to end of the tour. Tourist can choose to visit one country or take a tour that involves visits to several countries. In case of order an individual tour, traveler’s wishes are considered.

Why Eastern Europe is so interesting tourist destination? First of all, for its cultural and historical diversity. Eastern Europe region consists of 10 countries and combines a wide variety of nationalities and cultures. Traveling across Eastern Europe, you will never be bored since each country preserves its unique and distinctive identities and traditions.

Every country of Eastern Europe boasts a deep historical and cultural heritage and a great variety of architectural masterpieces, many of which are listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Also, Eastern Europe impresses tourists with its picturesque nature. Travelers will find here incredibly beautiful mountains, waterfalls, fields of flowers, sandy beaches, spectacular lake and medieval castles surrounded by mountains and forests.

Eastern Europe is underestimated by tourist although it’s no less exciting than Western Europe. And if some cities and countries such as the Czech Republic and Prague, Poland and Krakow, Hungary and Budapest are visited by tens of millions of tourists every year, other countries, such as Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Belarus are still not deeply explored by travelers. It has some advantages since the cities are not overcrowded by tourists and a trip to Eastern Europe will be much cheaper than anyway else. The prices in restaurants, as well as at hotels, are very competitive and much lower than in Eastern countries, while the services are in very high quality.