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If you are planning to visit Lviv, you will be amazed how beautiful and interesting this city is. Located on seven hills, like Rome, among the forests in a valley of Poltva River, Lviv has always been known for a great number of architectural and historical monuments. Lviv’s history is as vivid and surprising as the city itself. A visit to Lviv will never leave you indifferent. Today the city is more than 760 years old and it has many stories to tell.

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The city, which had been founded at intersection of profitable trade routes, developed fast and became one of the main trade centers of medieval Europe. Being under the reign of many European countries, such as Poland, Austria, Germany and Russia, Lviv absorbed some knowledge and style from each culture. Lviv tourism will impress you with rich palette of beautiful spiritual and artistic life.

Visit Lviv and discover its Culture

The city is also known as a center of literature, music and theatre arts. Lviv cultural treasure consists in its theatres, concert halls, public and private museums. You can take a Lviv Opera House Tour and discover cultural masterpiece or choose Undergrounds of Lviv Tour and reveal ancient mysteries of hidden part of the city. The city hosts numerous cultural and artistic events. There are more than 100 churches of different confessions, gorgeous cathedrals and sumptuous temples.

Travel to Lviv

Lviv tourism is very popular among Ukrainians and foreigners as well. Over the last two years tourist stream into the city increased by 40% and now stands at more than 1 million people annually. Every house, every block, every corner of the city has an interesting history. Everything around keeps memories of what had happened many centuries ago. Lviv travel attractions will make your visit of Lviv an unforgettable experience. Fairy atmosphere makes tourists visit Lviv again and again and tempting coffee aroma leaves best memories of travel to Lviv.

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