Kiev is a magnificent and versatile city. If you happen to fall in love with it from the first visit, you will be definitely coming back here and each time you will discover its new sides. However, if you have a vacant day during your next visit and you are ready for additional portions of the Ukrainian nature and culture, you only need to choose the right direction and go on a joyful day trip.


Are you looking for a pastoral softness and freshness and need a little romance with a taste of retro? Let’s go to Klevan! This 500-years-old town is situated near the railway station, where you can find Tunnel of love, hidden in a thicket. It is made nor of stone, neither of metal, it’s a natural tunnel, woven of branches of trees and shrubs. Only one old train passes this road several times a day. This train helped nature in creating this fairytale place.

The tour to Klevan is always easy, positive and joyful. You will be inspired with the romantic atmosphere. You will hear tales and legends of this place and, maybe, finally, will believe in miracles.

Tunnel of love
Tunnel of love


Another monument of love is situated to the South from Kiev. More than 200 years ago, the count Pototski made a birthday gift to his wife Sofia. It was not clothes, not jewelry and not even a house. It was a huge Park, which nowadays is annually visited by 500 thousand tourists. The area of the Park is approximately equal to the area of Hyde Park in London. It is possible to walk all day in this park, surrounded by the antique heroes and picturesque landscapes. You can float on the underground river Acheron, go to the Island of Love, make a wish in the grotto of Calypso, think about important things in the grotto of Fear and doubt, drink tea or read a book in one of the secluded gazebos, ride in the Earl’s carriage or horseback.

Feel the charm of nature and classical architecture in one place. You will not regret!

Dendropark Sofievka in Uman


On the half-way from Kiev to Sofievka you can find one more beautiful place. It is not so famous, but no less romantic Park Alexandria. These lands also were the gift from a husband to a beloved wife. However, in this case proprietress managed the design herself. She was a favorite maid of honor of Catherine II, Alexandra Branitska. She traveled a lot and made her park on the model of the best parks and gardens of Europe.

Alexandria is the largest and the oldest park in Ukraine. It offers tree-lined avenues and well maintained large Sunny meadow, quiet river Ros ‘ and the cascade of lakes, framed by gazebos and bridges, it has islands and boats to reach them. Goldfishes live in lakes, and swans glide on their surface. You can choose your favorite area in the Park: classic one with antique statues and colonnades; the Eastern with Chinese gazebo and typical monuments; or natural – farther away from the buildings and people.

If you take a guide, the trees and buildings will start speaking and tell you about the lives, relations, feelings and adventures of the people who lived or stayed here during the last 250 years.

Park Alexandria
Park Alexandria


When you go to North from Kiev, after one and a half hour you will be in the city of legends – Chernihiv. It is located on the banks of the Desna River and is famous for its ancient churches and monasteries, important events in the history of Kievan Rus’ and Ukraine, and the conservative lifestyle.

There is one of the oldest Christian monasteries of Rus’ and ancient cave burials of the 11th century in Chernihiv. The bell tower of the Eletsky monastery provides a spectacular panorama of city and surroundings. Moreover, even central curved streets hide wooden houses with carved shutters, typical of the Ukrainian Polissya region.

It is very quiet, cozy and interesting in Chernihiv. It is a must-visit for everyone who likes history and traditions.

Illinska Church in Chernihiv
Illinska Church in Chernihiv


If you have already been to the ancient city of Kiev, and heard or read about defensive fortifications, the glorious princes, about the life and traditions of old Kiev, why not see all this with your own eyes?

The Theme Park Kievan Rus invites you to travel back in time! You will see an impressive wooden fortress, watch theatrical performances and competitions, marvel at the dexterity and skill of epic heroes. You may learn the art of pottery, make a national dolls and amulets, and shoot from the old weapons. You can ride a horse and learn to perform simple tricks. You can find out more about pagan and Christian holidays of the Slavs and possibly take part in the celebration. National food and drinks will complete the festive atmosphere of the park. Welcome!


Vacation in Kiev is always an eventful and pleasant pastime since the city offers its guests a countless number of activities. You can spend a day, exploring the marvel beauty of Kiev architecture, its ancient culture, and history during one of our city tours. Or discover Kiev street art and its contemporary culture. You are welcome to visit Mamaeva Sloboda or Pirogovo open-air museums and get acquainted with authentic Ukrainian architecture; enjoy the beautiful Kiev parks and gardens or to explore Kiev by bike. Kiev boasts a great variety of restaurants and pubs, some of which you can visit by your own or during the gastro or beer tasting tour.

Whatever you choose, vacation in Kiev will bring you a lot of new and positive impressions.