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Kamenets Podolskiy is One of the Most Beautiful Hidden Gems of Ukraine.

It is located 450 km. from Kyiv near the Moldavian border. Not so many tourists who travel in Ukraine include Kamenets Podilskiy in their plans. But, those, who reach this city, are always surprised how interesting and beautiful this place is.


First of all, Kamenets Podolskiy is famous for its excellent well-preserved Castle. Another popular touristic sight is Cathedral with unique sculpture “Sleeping Laura”. During Old Town Walking Tour tourists see a lot of interesting old architecture of Armenian, Jewish and Polish nations that had big communities in Kamyanets Podislkiy in 14 – 18 centuries.

There are so many interesting touristic places around Kamianets-Podilskyi that make it an excellent base for a one-day tours in Podilya Region. You can visit spectacular Bakota Monastery, magic Crystal Cave or old Hotyn Fortress. Just 80 km. from Kamyanets Podilskiy there is another Ukrainian touristic city – Chernivtsi with its UNESCO listed University. Visiting this region you will definitely discover many new touristic places. We can help you with all the information about tours, transfers and hotels in Kamyanets Podilskiy.