As in every modern and progressive European city, the nightlife in Kyiv is extremely lively and vivid. In the capital of Ukraine, you canfind a great variety of nightclubs and bars, which cater to every budget and taste. Entertainment venues in Kyiv attract foreigners withbright shows and night parties, great dancefloors, excellent music and a wide variety of drinks and cocktails.


At the same time, the costs of entrance and beverages are quitelower than in other European nightclubs and bars. The average bill is about $50 per person. Prices depend on the category of the venues but usually, they are reasonable and not too high. It’s better to have Ukrainian money or to use payment cards, which are accepted almost everywhere.


In most of all Kyiv night venues, dress code is common, so to avoid difficulties be sure to dress accordingly. The safety of the guests is ensured by security guards and strong face control.

Despite the fact that the sale of the alcoholic beverages is prohibited in Kyiv stores after 22 p.m., in bars and nightclubs cocktails and alcoholic drinks are served nightlong.

So, nightclubs and bars in Kyiv are usually safe places with welcoming and English-speaking staff. The most famous entertainment venues have a convenient location in the center of the city. Usually they are opened all night till 6 a.m. Some nightclubs frequently have restaurants, which work at daytime.


The first venue in our list is Skybar, an exclusive nightclub in the center of Kyiv, placed at the Arena city location not far from Khreschatyk street. It is one of the most popular luxury nightclubs and a favorite place of Ukrainian and foreign celebrities. The club is often visited by famous native and world musicians and DJs, which makes it’s the center of Kyiv nightlife. Skybar is a very popular place so you’d better to make reservation in advance. In this club you will be asked for a deposit before entrance (a table costs about $200 for 4 persons). At daytime, it is also works as a restaurant with splendid panoramic terrace and delicious cuisine. The address is Velyka Vasylkivskavul. 5. You cancontact the club by number +380 94 823 8888.


The marvelous place for relaxation is b-hush Lounge Bar. It’s a venue of the upmarket category with not low but reasonable prices. The Bar located on the roof of the hotel where you could enjoy picturesque panoramic views of night Kyiv. b-hush is a great place to visit for delicious dinners, creative cocktails,excellent music and romantic atmosphere of the night city. Working hour is 6 p.m. – 2 a.m. Location is Velyka Zhytomyrskavul,2A. You can contact the staff for reservation by phone number +380 44 219 1919.


Buddha-bar is a special old and beloved place, which is worth to visit in Kyiv. It’s one of the first lounge restaurants, and it plays an important role in Kyiv nightlife. You will enjoy the great cuisine and cocktails as well as lively parties, concerts and show-programs. It works since noon till the last visitor. Located on Khreschatyk street, 14; phone number +380 (044) 270 76 76.


Caribbean Clubhas a long history and considered to be one of the oldest nightclubs in Kyiv. It was opened in the 1998 year and nowadays the club offers different kinds of entertainment – concerts of popular artists, theater, educational salsa workshops, humorous shows, disco and night parties. It works everyday as a restaurant and nightclub and if you visit Caribbean Club, you will surely enjoy the delicious cuisine, friendly atmosphere and vibrant rock, jazz andLatin American music.The address is Symona Petlyury vul. 4; you cancontact the staff by phone +380 67 224 4111.


Another great place to visit in Kyiv is Shooters Complex. It’s a famous 3-levels venuewhich works as a nightclub with a great musicians and dancers, 24-hour restaurant, cocktail bar and karaoke. Shooters Complex has a great dancefloor, delicious food and pleasant atmosphere. There are always a lot of foreigners and interesting people to meet. The address is Moskovska St., 22+380 44 254 2024.


Art Club Closer is a remarkable place for unforgettable rave night. Located not far from the center, it’s a favorite place for fans of underground culture and techno music. It has an excellent dancefloor, open terrace, and great variety of drinks and cocktails, as well as friendly and helpful staff.It’s located on Nizhneyurkovskaya St., 31; phone number +380 67 658 8951.


If you visit Indigo nightclub at once, you’ll definitely come back soon and take your friends with you. Indigo club is a heart of Kyiv nightlife; it’s a place where music, dance, and happiness live. Visit Indigo club and have a great opportunity to be immersed in the party atmosphere. Indigo also has a restaurant and Karaoke Bar – all you need for an excellent rest. The address is Kudryashova St., 3; phone number +380 94 905 9046.

Kyiv is very welcoming and hospitable to foreigners. If you decideto visit Kyiv’s nightclubs and bars, you will be sure to spend a great time with a great people.