14-Days in Mysterious Transilvania, Ukraine, Belarus&Moldova

Eventful, exciting and never boring: the journey of three thousand kilometers through four countries and more than a dozen cities will become an unforgettable lifetime experience. Fourteen days with professional guides will change the way you think about Soviet architecture, the Count Dracula, Moldovan wines and nuclear weapon.

About this activity

Duration :   14 days/13 nights
Languages :   English
Dates :   2020: 8 August; 5 September
Tour type
Tour type :   multi-day tour
Meeting point
Meeting point :   Hotel pick-up
Starting time
Starting time :   8 am

What to expect


  • Discover the main attractions of Belarus and visitits capital city Minsk, Mir and Nesvizh Castles, Brest Fortress
  • Spend an exciting day in the city of Lviv and enjoy the best sites of Western Ukraine
  • Have a scary time in mysterious Transilvania region, discovering its medieval castles and the home of Count Dracula
  • Explore the world-renowned Cricova Winery and have a delightful tasting of the best Cricova Wine
  • Visit a unique Missile Base Museum in Pervomaisk and enjoy a fascinating tour around the city of Kyiv


Day 1 Our tour starts at the capital of Belarus, the city of Minsk. Visit to Minsk will be memorable adventure since this city has preserved its Soviet heritage almost intact.During the city tour, you will enjoy the gorgeous architecture of the Soviet era at the Victory Square, be impressed with the greatness of the Government House at the Independence Square and see its famous Lenin Monument. The historical More >>>

Day 1

Our tour starts at the capital of Belarus, the city of Minsk.

Visit to Minsk will be memorable adventure since this city has preserved its Soviet heritage almost intact.During the city tour, you will enjoy the gorgeous architecture of the Soviet era at the Victory Square, be impressed with the greatness of the Government House at the Independence Square and see its famous Lenin Monument.

The historical part of the city,including the Upper Town and Trinity Suburb,is a great location for a pleasant stroll and acquaintance with the city’s history.

Overnight in Minsk.

Day 2

Breakfast at the hotel.

On our way from Minsk to Brest, we’ll explore the most interesting sites of the country – Mir and Nesvizh Castles.

Mir Castles is a great fortification of the 16th century that took part in almost all the battles and wars occurred in the region. Nesvizh Castle, founded in the 1583 year, for centuries was a residence of the Dukes Radzivil and keeps a lot of secrets from the past.Each castle is a true gem of European medieval architecture and listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

After that, we’ll continue our trip and reach the city of Brest.

Overnight in Brest.

Day 3

Following breakfast,we’ll have an exciting excursion at one of the most popular tourist spots in Belarus – Brest Fortress. The fortress is mainly known for the tragic events of World War II. During the tour with a local guide, you will get acquainted with the history of the fortress, visit the monuments, established to honor the memory of soldiers defended the fortress during the Nazi invasion.

Later we’ll cross the border with Ukraine and reach the Volyn region. We’ll visit a true medieval masterpiece – Lubart Castle, built by Lithuanian prince Lubartin the 1340s. For centuries, the castle was not only a reliable fortification but also the place, where important political issues were resolved.

This afternoon we’ll arrive at Lviv.

Overnight in Lviv.

Day 4

After breakfast, you will discover one of the most beautiful and ancient Ukrainian cities – the city of  Lviv.

Lviv will amaze you with its narrow cobblestone streets, cozy cafés, ancient cathedrals and charming atmosphere. During the city tour, you will enjoy the picturesque view of the entire city from High Castle Hill; get acquainted with Lviv Old Town, listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site; visit the most popular tourist place – Market Square and discover its stunning City Hall.

Beneath charming and cozy streets of  Lviv hides a mysterious world of underground tunnels and labyrinth, which you will explore during the second part of the tour. For centuries Lviv Underground Labyrinths were used as shelters, prisons, places to pray. You will find out a lot of terrifying and interesting facts about this hidden world.

Overnight in Lviv.

Day 5

After breakfast we will travel through Carpathian Mountains to Transcarpathian Region of Ukraine with its authentic castles and breathtaking landscapes. We’ll explore the most remarkable tourist spots of this region – Shenborn Castle and St. Miklosh Castle.

Shenborn Castle is an exquisite sample of the Neo-romanticism style. The castle decorated with bas-reliefs, towers and surrounded by a beautiful park.

The history of St. Miklosh Castle goes back to the 14th century and to the times of knights. The castle is well-preserved and looks very authentic. You will discover its ancient history during an exciting tour with a local guide.

Our next stop will be in an ancient town of  Mukachevo, famous for its wines and astonishing Palanok Castle.During a walking city tour, you will explore the history of Mukachevo and enjoy its beautiful churches, narrow streets and stunning architecture.

Palanok Castle is a real treasure of Mukachevo and Transcarpathian region. It rises above the town and is visible from any point. The castle was founded in the 11th century and nowadays it’s considered as one of the oldest medieval castles in Ukraine.

Overnight in Uzhgorod.

Day 6

After breakfast, we will cross the border and move to mysterious Transilvania.

Our first destination in Romania will be a Cluj-Napoca city, the second-largest city in Romania and the capital of Transilvania region. During the city tour, you will explore the main attraction of Cluj-Napoca,including the city walls, remains of fortifications and towers of the 13th – 17th centuries; visit St. Michael Church, considered as one of the most beautiful Gothic churches in Transilvania; see an impressive King Matthias Corvin Statue and National Theatre. You will also learn a lot of interesting information about the modern life of the city, its universities and museums.

Overnight in Cluj-Napoca.

Day 7

After breakfast, we will travel to a top-rated tourist destination in Romania – Salina Turda. It’s one of the oldest salt mines in the world, which nowadays known as an unique underground amusement park. Inside an incredibly beautiful cave, you can play bowling, tennis, go boating on the underground lake, ride the Ferris Wheel. Salina Turda is included in the list of “25 hidden gems around the world that are worth the trek”.

Later we will continue our journey and visit one of the most spectacular castles in Europe – Corvinor Castle located in a town Hunedoara.

Exploring Corvinor Castle is like stepping back in time, in the 15th century, when it was built. This miraculously beautifulGothic-Renaissance monument was not only a fortification but also a dwelling for the family of Transylvania’s voivode. Pointed arches, marvelous galleries, exquisite staircases and stunning samples of medieval art will make you feel like in a fairy-tale palace.

We will continue our acquaintance with Transilvania and visit a cozy city Sibiu. During the walking city tour, you will explore the ancient buildings of the Old Town, visit the city’s main attraction including the Tower of the CouncilLutheran Cathedral and TowerBridge of Lies.

Overnight in Sibiu.

Day 8

Following breakfast, we’ll travel to the most recognizable symbol of  Transilvania – Bran Castle, also known as the Dracula’s castle.This 600-year-old castle, placed on the top of the rock, surrounded by mystery and legends, which you will reveal during an exciting tour.

Rasnov Fortress, placed in the Carpathian Mountains, is one more architectural gem that we’ll visit this day. The history of the fortress began in the 13th century and closely connected with the Teutonic Order. This the fortress looks like a small village since it includes more than 30 houses, school, church etc.

We also will have a tour to Peles and Pelisor Castles. These outstanding castles create a unified palace complex, built by King Carol I as royal residences. These castles are excellent examples of the architecture of the late 19th – early 20th century. The royal interior of both castles is impressive since each room looks like a true masterpiece.

Our last destination this day is a cozy city Brasov, placed in the heart of Romania. During a walking tour around Brasov, you will get acquainted with the history of this 800-years-old city and discover such monuments as St. Nicholas churchCity Hall, Gothic Black ChurchYekaterina’s Gate, one of the narrowest European streets – Strada Sforii (Rope Street).

Overnight in Brasov.

Day 9

Breakfast at the hotel.

Through a picturesque Romanian Carpathian Mountains, we continue our trip to the next country – Moldova.

After accommodation in a hotel, our group will drive to the most famous place in Moldova – Cricova Winery. We’ll visit its world-renowned cellars, which considered as the largest wine underground city. The length of Cricova cellars is about 120 kilometers; it has cinema, museum, and streets, named like Dionisius, Cabernet, Aligote etc. An electric train will take you at one of the most amazing trip sever. We’ll discover the wine production process and see the collection of unique wines from all over the world. At the end of the tour, we will taste the most popular local wines.

Overnight in Chisinau.

Day 10

Following breakfast, we’ll have Chisinau city tour with a local guide. We’ll discover the main tourist attractions in Chisinau and visit Triumphal ArchStefan cel Mare Park, a beautiful building of the National Museum of Ethnography and National HistoryVictory Memorial and Eternal Flame.

On our way to Odessa, we’ll visit Tiraspol – the capital of unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldavian republic.

This evening we’ll reach the city of Odessa and stay here overnight.

Day 11

After breakfast, we will have an exciting Odessa city tour with a professional local guide. We’ll visit its famous Deribasovskaya Street and PassagePrimorsky Boulevard and Potemkin Steps; beautiful Vorontsov Palace and marvelous Odessa parks.We’ll discover, why Odessa is called the “criminal capital” of the country and why Odessa humor is so special.

Another unforgettable experience will be a visit to Odesa Catacombs, which are considered as the longest catacombs in the world. These dungeons appeared as a result of stone mining and for decades were used by smugglers, robbers, revolutionaries, partisans and keep a lot of secrets from the history of Odessa.

Overnight in Odesa.

Day 12

Breakfast at the hotel.

On our way to Kyiv, we’ll visit a unique Missile Base Museum in Pervomaisk. It’s one in a kind museum placed at a former top-secret USSR missile base, which exhibition is dedicated to the history of a nuclear weaponHiroshima and Nagasaki explosions, Cold WarCaribbean Crisis etc. The visitors can observe ballistic missile SS-18 “Satana” and other weapons, inactive missile silo and Unified Command Post of the base.

Upon arrival in Kyiv, we’ll have a romantic Kyiv by night tour and enjoy the beauty of the city in the light of lampposts.

Day 13

Following breakfast,we will have a comprehensive Kyiv city tour and visit the most remarkable places in Kyiv.Walking through the historical center of the city, you will see the most ancient building in Kyiv – St. Sophia Cathedral, marvel at the beauty of Golden Gates and Opera House, stroll down Khreshchatyk street and Maidan Nezalezhnosti, and enjoy the beautiful Kyiv parks.

Special attention will be paid to a unique architectural masterpiece of the 11th century – Kyiv Pechersk Lavra and its Cave Monastery, the must-see tourist attraction in Kyiv. We’ll have a special Tour to Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra and explore its ancient churches, galleries, caves and museums with a professional guide.

Day 14

Breakfast at the hotel.

During the last day of our delightful tour, we will visit one of the most picturesque tourist attractions – the open-air Museum of Ukrainian Architecture in Pirogovo. The museum presents an authentic collection of houses,household items, outbuildings and churches of the 16th – 20th centuries from all over Ukraine.

It will be our last excursion under the part of this tour, after which you can stay in Kyiv or our driver will bring you to Boryspil International Airport.


  • hotel accommodation ( 1 night in Minsk, 1 night in Brest, 2 nights in Lviv, 1 night in Uzhgorod, 1 night in Cluj-Napoca, 1 night in Sibiu, 1 night in Brasov, 1 night in Chisinau, 2 nights in Odessa, 2 nights in Kiev ) with buffet breakfast
  • professional English speaking guide
  • transportation services along the route
  • Departure transfer in Kyiv
  • admission tickets to the attractions


  • food and drinks unless specified
  • Gratuities (optional)


14 Days in Mysterious Transilvania, Ukraine, Belarus & Moldova

  • TWIN – 3300 Euro per person
  • SGL – 3800 Euro per person

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