Date in 2019List of national holidays in Ukraine
January 1New Year’s Day
January 7Orthodox Christmas Day
January 19Epiphany
February 14Saint Valentine’s Day
March 8International Women’s Day
April – MayOrthodox Easter
Easter + 49 daysHoly Trinity Day
April 1April fools
May 1 – 2Labor (May) Day
May 8Mother’s Day
May 9Victory Day
June 28Constitution Day
July 7Kupala Night (or Midsummer)
August 24Independence Day
September 1Day of Knowledge
October 2Teacher’s Day
December 19 St. Nicholas Day
December 25Catholic Christmas

The history of Ukraine comes from far ancient times. There are lots of celebrations in Ukraine that symbolize beauty, heartfulness and joy of living. Saint Valentine’s Day, Maslenitsa, the holiday of winter seeing off, International Women’s Day, Easter with beautifully colored eggs, Victory Day, Holy Trinity, Constitution Day and many other holidays are celebrated every year. An important place is occupied by festivals and celebrations that embody the soul of the people, national characteristics and traditions of Ukrainians. They diversify and enliven everyday life, providing the opportunity to relax, to get inspiration and to show the elegance of Ukrainian traditions.

The 1st of January, New Year

New Year is a wonderful time to relax. New Year celebrations have long been a tradition in many countries of the world including Ukraine. Staying for the New Year in Ukraine may be one of the brightest events. The holiday of New Year in Ukraine will give you a wonderful opportunity to go on an interesting journey around the country. This holiday is closely connected with folk festivals, various national plays, and, of course, with an amusement. You can feel yourself as a part of frosty fairy story.

New Year Kiev
New Year Kiev


Christmas Holy Night is celebrated on the 6th of January. Both adults and children are looking forward to Christmas celebration. It brings a lot of joy, fun, sweets, calm, peace and hope for a better future. Traditional Orthodox Christmas dish is kutia. It stands in the middle of the table among 11 courses dishes. Everyone knows that it is necessary to prepare 12 dishes for Holly Supper. Only in Ukraine, this holiday can be felt as it was a long time ago, in the days of distant Slavic ancestors. If you want to see some local celebrations, you should visit Mamaeva Sloboda, where this holiday is celebrated in the traditional way. Christmas in Ukraine is an unforgettable experience that will stay with you in any place and at any time.



On the 19th of January an important religious holiday Epiphany is celebrated. Unlike many other holidays that combine the traditions of folk and Church, Epiphany is a purely Christian holiday; it has come to Ukraine with Christianity. Holy water must be present in every house. The magical abilities of Holy water include conjuring of evil from the house, giving the patient recovery even from incurable diseases.




The 14th of February is Saint Valentine’s Day. It is perfect time to show all your love by giving your attention to beloved people, presenting them charming gifts and romantic dates.


Beginning of spring brings a warm holiday, International Women’s Day. It is celebrated on the 8th of March and is the brightest day of youth and beauty. Every man hurries to congratulate a woman with flowers and sincere words.


Victory Day is celebrated on the 9th of May. Streets and houses are decorated with balloons and flowers. It is day to honor the memory of Great Patriotic War heroes.


Easter is one of the brightest spring holidays. Easter doesn’t have a certain date of celebration, but it is definitely on Sunday. This day is associated with many interesting customs and traditions: colored eggs and special bakery products – paski, greetings and religious ceremonies. It’s a family holiday, so all the members should gather around the Easter table, and that means that the family will stay together all round the year. You may learn to make traditional Ukrainian Easter Eggs on a Pysanka workshop with a professional artist.



Holy Trinity Day is often called a Green Sunday in Ukraine. All the houses are decorated with branches, flowers and fragrant herbs, because plants are a symbol of life. By this time, everything is in blossom and nature finally wakes up. This holiday is traditionally celebrated in Pirogovo museum.

Holy Trinity Day
Holy Trinity Day


On the night from the 6th to the 7th of July the ancient holiday of Ivana Kupala (or Midsummer) is celebrated. This hoary folk festival of Midsummer is widely celebrated in Ukraine. It has ancient pagan roots. Midsummer Day is filled with rituals associated with water, fire and herbs: bonfires, wreaths, bathing. In many Ukrainian villages, the holiday still has its sacred value. You can feel the festive atmosphere of Ivana Kupala and even participate in the traditional celebrations in the Kievan Rus Park.

Ivana Kupala
Ivana Kupala


The 24th of August, an Independence Day of Ukraine, is an important state holiday. It is not just a tribute to tradition, but the opportunity to prove the power of patriotism. Independence Day is a proud national holiday, which marks the unity, strength of will and spirit of Ukrainian people. Every corner of the country is full of festive events and concerts dedicated to Independence Day. Numerous exciting concert programs in national style, fairs, exhibitions, wonderful festive feasts, and different dishes of national Ukrainian cuisine, games, and other entertainments are held. Culmination of the celebration is a spectacular sparkling firework.

Independence Day of Ukraine
Independence Day of Ukraine


The 1st of September is celebrated as Day of Knowledge in Ukraine. It is not just the beginning of autumn, it is also the first bell and excitements, bunch of flowers and ocean of white ribbons, and, of course, the traditional lessons of peace. For millions of pupils, students, their parents, and for teachers it’s a real holiday — Day of Knowledge. This day marks the official start of the academic year in all educational institutions of the country.

Day of Knowledge in Ukraine
Day of Knowledge in Ukraine


St. Nicholas Day, which is celebrated on the 19th of December, is the most anticipated holiday for Ukrainian children. It’s no wonder, as St. Nikolas is considered to be the patron saint of kids. This holiday has deep roots in Ukrainian culture and has been celebrated since the 11th century and the times of Kievan Rus.

Children write letters to St. Nikolas and expect for a miracle. On the night before the holiday, every child waits for gifts, which St. Nicholas will put under the pillow. Children, who behaved well, receive sweets, cookies, gingerbread, some small presents. But the naughty kids should be prepared to find a twig under the pillow.

St. Nicholas Day is also beloved by adults. People wish each other all the best and visit relatives. This holiday also starts winter celebrations and preparation for the New Year and Christmas festivities.

St. Nicholas Day

Ukraine is indeed a unique country, which along with highly developed modern culture carefully preserves the national traditions.