Chernobyl and Pripyat attract adventurous travelers from all around the world with a tragic history and post-apocalyptic reality. Even though 30 years have passed since the biggest nuclear disaster and thousands of people have already explored the Exclusion Zone, the most frequent questions still are – “Can I visit Chernobyl?” and “Are Chernobyl tours safe?”

Soon after the tragic events of the 26, April 1986, when the 4th reactor of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exploded, the inhabitants of Pripyat and Chernobyl were urgently evacuated, hoping to return home someday. Unfortunately, this never happened due to the terrible consequences of the radioactive contamination and the 30 km area around the ChNPP became an exclusion zone, where no one is allowed to settle.


However, the answer to the question “is it possible to visit Chernobyl?” is positive. After many measures that have been taken to reduce the level of radiation on the contaminated areas and the natural process of cleaning, the visitors now have the possibility to explore the abandoned grounds of Pripyat and Chernobyl.


More than 10 thousands of tourists visit this Chernobyl Exclusion zone every year on guided tours. People with smartphones and selfie-sticks want to make striking photos to impress their friends. But before they go there, they ask the following question “Can you visit Chernobyl?” or “Is it safe to visit Chernobyl?” The truth is that a dangerous area remains inside the NPP sarcophagus and near it. With time, radiation diminishes, and the air continuously purifies. In spite the fact that 30 years ago people couldn’t receive an answer to their question “When can we go back to Chernobyl,” they can do it nowadays as the tourists. Nevertheless, before the trip you should get a legal permission to enter the Exclusion zone and strictly obey the rules of behavior, established in the zone. We offer several variants of tours that include comprehensive excursion and guarantee memorable emotions, for example small-group day trip to Chernobyl and Pripyat from Kiev. Expert guides make sure you see the most worthy sights of Chernobyl and at the same time remain safe, avoidingthe places with possible high level of radiation.



If you wonder can you visit Pripyat or not, but at the same time looking for a new experience and emotions, don’t hesitate. It is really an intense journey that let you find out more facts about one of the biggest tragedy in the world and see with your own eyes abandoned streets and buildings. The first thing that impresses when you come to this territory is the apocalyptic view of surrounding constructions and destroyed nature. It is like the real visualization of what can happen to our world if people don’t care and protect it. You will see the fantastic Hollywood movie that became a reality for thousands of people.

On the territory of Chernobyl, you will see the defensive constructions and other buildings created in the period of “Cold War,” make impressive photos near abandoned playgrounds and benches. The ambiance of that place really strikes your mind and let you think deeper about numerous problems of the current situation in the world and issues that humanity can face anytime.


The territory of the ChNPP and Pripyat town is still a closed area. It is not allowed to stay there without an experienced guide. Probably, people will never come back there to live in those houses or build new constructions because according to forecasts this area won’t be appropriate for living for more than 20 thousands of years. But it is normal and safe to visit it for a few days. The guide will lead you only safe routes to show you the most impressive places.  There is a strict dress code for the visitors of the zone that doesn’t permit shorts, short-sleeves clothes. It’s also recommended to wear fully covered shoes to avoid contamination from the ground.

In spite the fact that the short tour can’t cause harm to your health, any visitor to this area should follow some rules and apply safety measures to be protected from any health issues.

  • Don’t touch any objects on the territory and don’t take them with you
  • It is necessary to be screened and checked for the radiation level after the tour
  • It is better to get a shower and wash your clothes after the tour

These measures are preventive and don’t let any radioactive elements to go out the Chernobyl territory. Moreover, according to the last scientific researchers, the dose of radiation you may receive during a day tour in the Chernobyl exclusion zone is even less than during a transatlantic flight.


Every person decides for himself if he wants to get new emotions and go to a closed area of Chernobyl and Pripyat town or not. Since guided tours are allowed, numerous people from different countries have already got this experience. Someone calls the Chernobyl area a time capsule where time stopped 30 years ago. It might be one of the main reasons, why this notorious place is so attractive for adventure travelers.

We hope that we’ve answered your questions, like “Is Chernobyl safe to visit” or “Can you go to Chernobyl?” You may join other curious tourists and pick one of the exciting Chernobyl tours. It is a great opportunity to walk across this unusual place, make hundreds of memorable photos or even record a video that will always remind you this thrilling journey. Be sure that unforgettable emotions are guaranteed for everyone who will be bold enough to visit the Pripyat town.